Sunday Save-Day {Make It Plural}

Alright - I know that Sunday doesn't typically get your excited because it's the end of the weekend {womp womp} - but you can get excited about a freebie, right?

Well good, because it's Sunday Save-Day freebie time!

I was looking back at the past Sunday Save-Day freebies that I've created for this year, and I realized that they were all math games - I wanted to make sure I made a literacy game for you all this week!

Check it out:


You will need to provide students with playing markers for moving around the game board and a paper clip and pencil for the spinner.  The game is provided in both color and B&W.

And this handy-dandy recording sheet:


And that's it.  Download at the bottom of the post. Done.  Get a glass of wine. You deserve it.


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

 Are you a wine lover like me?  What's your favorite?  I love me a good red:  Malbec, Shiraz, pinot - I'm not picky :)


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Download this file (Make_it_Plural.pdf)Make It Plural![ ]2780 kB

9/19 :: Friday Favorites

Do the Friday Happy Dance.

{Go ahead, I'll wait till you're done}

I hope you had a great work week!  My brother-in-law is getting married today, so we've had a very busy week!

This week was a good one for favorites!  Take a look:


This fantastic and hands-on way for students to practice their spelling words:



This wonderful article from Angela Watchson (The Cornerstone Blog) - a MUST read for all teachers!


Teaching expanded form in math?  This is a clever idea for helping students visualize what expanding a word means:


Yet another great way to use paint sticks and clothes pins (and here's another idea):



This math center for multiplitation (similar to this Sunday Save-Day game I created a few weeks ago):


And this is my current FAVORITE clip art artist on TpT!  She has over 100 Free (yes I said FREE) items!  If you create your own materials, she is a seller you MUST follow!!!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you on Sunday for the Sunday Save-Day freebie!

Fun With Pumpkins!

So - I was at the grocery store today - and you know what was lined up outside the store?


So - now I know for SURE that it's ok to dive right in to anything pumpkin!

Which is good, because I've been feasting on pumpkin lattes for the last 3 weeks :).

Yesterday I spent some time giving my "Fun With Pumpkins" activity a little face-lift, so I thought I'd share it with you all!  And you've already purchased it from TpT, go back and redownload the latest version!  

I would do this activity with my students each year and, I'm not gonna lie - it's messy - but soo much fun.  

The kids love it!


Students use actual pumpkins to practice their measuring, observation skills, and writing skills.  It's the perfect activity for fall AND students perform meaningful tasks.



Students first measure the pumpkin's height, weight, and circumference in the measuring stage.

Then, each group records observations about what the pumpkin looks and feels like.

Next, students write about what they know about pumpkins (how they grow, things to do with pumpkins etc...)

Now for the fun part!  Students gut the inside of a pumpkin (get ready to get messy!).

Students again observe the inside of the pumpkin,

Finally, students write a short story about going to a pumpkin patch.


If you'd like to try this pumpkin activity in your classroom, you can check out more details at my TpT store.

Let me know if you give it a try!

Have a great day, friends!


MEGA Monday Make-and-Take


This is going to be a crazy week.  My brother-in-law in getting married in Maine this weekend, so we are traveling up there on Wednesday.  I've never been to Maine before, so I'm really looking foward to it!  {Any Maine readers out there?  What's the weather supposed to be like this weekend?  Are your leaves changing yet??}

But for now - it's a special edition of Monday Make-and-Take - MEGA Style!

I couldn't decide on just one idea to share with you this week because I came across so many good ones - so I decided to share them ALL with you :)

Be sure to click on each picture below to visit the blog where the idea came from!  Awesome ideas!


Supplies:  Pumpkin(s) and sharpie

Steps:  Write sight words or math questions (or anything else you can think of!) on the pumpkin.  Students sit in a circle and roll the pumpkin to each other.  Where ever the students thumb lands when they catch the pumpkin is the word they say or math problem that they solve.



Supplies: Paint sticks, clothes pins, sharpie markers

Steps:  Draw a "rule" (don't worry about it being drawn to size) on the paint sticks.  Then, write different fractions on the clothes pin.  Students will clip the clothes pin on the rule where it matches up.  For example, a student would clip the 3 1/2 clip on the second like after the 3. 

Supplies:  Large square box, Large piece of butcher paper (any color), black circles cut out of construction paper.

Steps:  Wrap your square box in butcher paper (as if you were wrapping a present), Then place black circles on each side to create each side of a die.  Use this "life-size" dice when playing whole-class games!  Students will get such a kick out of rolling such a gigantic dice!

Supplies:  3-sectioned paper plate, word cards with prefix, suffix, and roots written on them (of course, you can change this game to match any skill)

Steps:  Write "root,"  "prefix,"  and "suffix" on the three sections of the plate.  Students will read each word card and place it into the correct category. 


Now the real question is:  Which one do we make first???

I hope your week starts out awesome!


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