Sunday Save-Day {Spooky Alphabet Code Words}

Oh man - Sunday is almost over!   This post is going up a little later than usual.  We just got back from dinner at my in-laws.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Date night with the hubs on Friday was wonderful and relaxing and pumpkin carving yesterday night was so much fun!

Take a look at this awesome-ness that is my pumpkin:


And apparently my husband is a closet profressional pumpkin carver - look at how his turned out:


Here's the whole lay-out of everyone's pumpkins :)

{creepy one on the far right!}


This is my favorite pumpkin. though :)

I really loved how this pumpkin turned out :)

I know it's not Halloween yet -but I couldn't resist putting her in her pumpkin costume!


Anyway - Sunday Save-Day

 I'm gonna make this quick!  This week you might be starting some Halloween activities, so I thought I'd make a game that could spice up your teaching this week and next and be used in a variety of ways:


It's just a fun way for you to introduce new words in your lessons.  Or it could be a quick morning activity.  As mentioned above, each morning as students arrive, have them decipher a new word.

I've provided large picture cards (seen below) so that you can "spell" the word out on the board by placing the picture cards up.  Students use the alphabet code to solve the word!

Fun, right?

Download the activity at the bottom of the post and pin and pass it along to your friends :)  


More Halloween Activities:

Trick or Treat Rounding Game

Haunted House Story Elements -Graphic Organizer {FREE!}

Happy Haunting Amelia Bedelia - Idiom Center {FREE!}

Pumpkin Pattern Task Cards {FREE!}

Fun with Pumpkins {Science Activity}

Spooky Sorting {Math and Literacy Activities}

Do you carve pumpkins?  Fancy design or old school?


Download this file (Spooky_clues.pdf)Spooky Alphabet[ ]2322 kB

10/17 :: Friday Favorites

I'm so glad it's Friday!  You too?

It felt like a long week, with not a lot to show for it - fail. 

Well - we won't focus on the bad - let's focus on the favorites of the week!

Free Halloween APPS for your kiddos!



This article on 10 things your child's teacher want to say to parents...yes and yes....especially #4, 5, and 7


This great idea for math class - I like how it forces the students (and teachers) to practice explaining an answer in different ways.

{Plus - you add a dice to any task and it instantly becomes more fun, am I right?}


I'm a visual learner - so I love when you can use manipulatives to SHOW students why something is the way it is...this is a great visual for kiddos!

{Plus - it gives the wiggly kids something to do other than just write the answer down}


Wack-a-Word!  You get the idea :)

{Watch out - your boys will love this!}


Get yourself a garbage pail, wiggle eyes, pom-poms, and some sticky letters for this easy-to-make game!  Of course you could use this game idea for any skills!


And if your a mamma of a little one like me - then perhaps this idea is more your style :)

Any big plans for the weekend?  I've got date night tonight with the hubby and pumpkin carving tomorrow.  Hope your weekend is fun as well!

Throw Back Thursday {My 4th Grade Journal and a Fall Freebie!}

Yesterday, I found me a little gem:

My mom was doing to some cleaning out and came across my 4th grade school journal.

Friends - I can't even tell you how hard I was laughing reading through my entries.  It was like I had a peek into my 4th Grade mind and as I read it, I could remember at times what I was thinking when I wrote it.

Two things I found:

1 - I was DEFINTELY a teacher-pleaser.  "Mrs. Marinucci is soo nice....Mrs. Marinucci does such fun projects....blah blah blah..."

2 - I was/still am a TERRIBLE speller!


Here are few snap shots of this wonderful blast from the past:

{copyright - bahhhhaa!}



{this must have been one of those mornings where I argued with my mom about why we had to make our bed before getting on the bus - that was the rule - and I apparently thought was a waste of time..ha}



{I'm guessing the writing prompt of the day was:  "What do you think a teacher would write about in his/her journal?"  A little foreshadowing of my future career perhaps???}


I read the entire journal last night and loved every minute of it!  Oh - 4th grade me ....

Anyway - keeping with the throw-back-Thursday theme, I'm posting a little Throw Back Thursday Freebie:

If you didn't snag it when I originally posted it- Good news! It's still ready for the takin!

It's 72 Fall-themed word cards.  There are endless possibilities of how to use them - but here are 7 suggestions:

You can head to this post to grab your copy :)

Have you ever come across any of your old school projects, writings, journals..etc...?  I'd love to hear about it!


Math Challenge!

Good Morning!

Hope you're having a good day so far!

I've been getting a lot of the same questions on TpT lately:

A buyer finds one of my Math Fact Challenges and wonders if I have them for all 4 operations - and the answer is YES

AND -  they are allllll free!  Wanna 'em?

Grab 'em!

I first started with the Multiplication Challenge and got such great feedback and many requests to create the other 4 operations, so...I did :)

How does the challenge work?

Goal:  You want your students to know their math facts like the back of their had.

Strategy:  Give them a fun and exciting way to do it so that they will WANT to know the facts like the back of their hand!

Enter in:  Math Facts Challenge.


Here's what the subtraction version looks like:

Students receive a gumball machine and gumballs numbered 1-12

(Students can color their gumballs and machine)

Students take timed subtraction quizzes to learn their facts.  Each time they pass a leveled quiz, he/she gets to put up a gumball on their gumball machine.  

When the student finishes filling up their gumball machine they receive a certificate:


You can even give them their own pack of gum :)

So fun, right?

Check out these other free math challenges, as well!







Check them out!  Feel free to share {because sharing is the right thing to do! :) }

Have a wonderful day!



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