Sunday Save-Day {Make Your Own Moving Pieces for Holiday Games}

So - it finally happened.  

The local radio began playing Christmas music!  Holla!  I know some of you are a stickler for waiting to do anything Christmas related till after Christmas - and I mostly am too, but if there's Christmas music playing - I just can't help myself!

It puts me in a happy mood instantly!

It also put me in the mood to create something holiday-ish for your Sunday Save-Day Freebie today :)


Remember this idea from my on-going "New Use for an Old Item" series:

What a genius idea it was to use binder clips to create moving pieces for your board games, right?

Well - I decided, that since you will most likely be playing lots of holiday-themed games in the coming weeks,

(because let's face it holiday season + kids = scattered brains)

I thought I'd give you something you could use for any board game you might be playing your classrooms this season (or any game that requires moving pieces, for that matter).  

(P.S. There may or may not be something fun coming soon to the blog that would require you to use this idea :)....stay tuned)

Take a look:

I decided to make holiday-themed picture cards to use with binder clips (the mini clips work perfect)



Each card is also available in black and white.  You can color them in yourselves - or save yourself some time and have your kiddos do it - game-related labor in the classroom does not quailfy as illegal child labor :)

There are six different pictures for each set (I put the set on each page 3 times so that you save paper and ink), that way you can have up to 6 players working on a game together.

Here's what it looks like in action (in B&W):


I even took off the front metal piece by squeezing it together and pulling it out of the clip (leaving the back one off for stability) so that it wouldn't cover the picture (I'm weird like could totally leave it on)


Each student can then use it for a moving piece...they will stand up on their own.  Printing them onto cardstock is even better for durability, and of course, laminating wouldn't hurt :)  Have I ever talked about my love for much that when I ever go back to my old school, I still get asked to help reload or fix the laminating machine...haha.  No shame.  I have a need for a crisp glossy classroom.

You like?  Download is at the bottom of the post.  I'd appreciate it if you shared the love with a pin or a FB/Twitter post.  Even better - I'd love to see pictures of these cuties in action in your own classrooms!

Have a fabulous Sunday.


What's your take: Christmas before or after the T-bird?

Download this file (Christmas_Binder_Moving_Pieces.pdf)Holiday Moving Pieces[ ]2103 kB

11/21 :: Friday Favorites

Hola, Friday!

I am armed and ready for the weekend (and by armed I mean there is a bottle of wine chillin in the fridge).

Any plans for you this weekend?

No big plans here, other than maybe making the first fire of the season in our fireplace... That sounds cozy, now doesn't it?


You ready for a few favorites from the week?


First off, this week, my big project was making a set of "Take-Home Math Games" - in the same fashion as my "Take-Home Science Experiments" that I posted last week.   Here's a sneak peak:


Speaking of math - while I was researching for said project above - I came across a super cool blog called Kids Activities Blog with these fun math games!


Remember this game for Valentine's Day?  Well I love this version of it - perfect for this time of year!  You can make it for any skill - it's just your standard memory game.

 {WARNING - when making this game you WILL mysteriously consume more Hershey kisses than originally planned}


I've shown this idea before, but I think it's worth showing again.  Got some old winter/Christmas themed borders that need retired?  Use them to make a game board and dice:  Check it:


One of the most frustrating things to see as a teacher is students who don't appreciate your hard work ,the gifts that you give them, or the special things you do for them.  GRRR.. Not that they need to understand your job and all that goes into it - but when you ask them to something - they shouldn't be asking "what will I get for doing it."  This article is a good read for helping to foster gratitude in your students.


And finally - to end on a funny note.  Remember when I posted this funny back-to-school video?  Well, the same family posted a hilarious Thanksgiving parody to the song "All About That Bass:"  Perfect for the weekend before T-giving.  Enjoy:

Alright - Have a weekend to end all weekends :)


Three for Thursday! {Money Games}


Happy Thursday!

Thanksgiving is a week from today.  Are you wearing your stretchy pants yet?  

{I'm a stay-at-home mom and a fitness instructor - I'm always wearing stretch pants #ionlylookdecentonsundays}

I've got something fun for you today!

Will you be teaching money any time soon?  I'm gonna share 3 fun money game/center ideas that you can include in your teaching plans.  I'm callin' it, THREE for THURSDAY!

Ya' ready?

This game helps students to quickly identify coin value, add them up and then compare the value to $1.00.  

You can find it for free here.



This activity combines money with spelling.  Each letter has a value.  Students add up the values of all letters in a word.  Simple yet effective :)  Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.  BOOM!  Another freebie comin at



I love this idea from The Star Spangled Planner {cute blog name, eh?}.  Using some fake coins and popsicle sticks, make up some money sticks with different values and put all of the sticks in a cup.  Students pull out a stick and quickly add the value.  If correct, they keep the stick.  Some sticks have "KABOOM" written on them.  If a student pulls out KABOOM, they must return all of their sticks to the cup {aka "a sneaky way to make kids count and recount the same values}.  You can more pictures and instructions here.


Now it's your turn:  

Add to my list.  What ways do you have kids practice their money skills?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Hang on my friends, Friday is tomorrow and next week is a short week.  It's practically Christmas break... :)



Fun Christmas Bag Toppers {Freebie!}

Hi. Happy Tuesday!

How's the week going so far?

I'm just poppin in quick to tell you about a freebie I just posted on TpT last night.  

Last week I told you about my Take-Home Science Experiments that I recently posted as an easy and inexpensive gift choice for your students.  With the science experiments, I created cute little bag toppers to put the finishing touch on your gift.  Here's what the science version looks like:

{P.S. I am making a take-home math games version as well - stay tuned :) }


The topper just makes a cute, easy way to present your gift.  

I created these freebie generic holiday gift bag toppers that you can print off and use on any gift you might be giving your students this holiday season:

Simply fold on the solid line and staple over a gift bag and wala!  Insta-cute :)

Check them out here!

Hope you can use them :)


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