Monday Make-and-Take {Lego Letters}

Yay!  Monday Make-and-Take is back!



Each Monday {at least I try to post every Monday, but life happens :)}, I'll post a game idea that you can make at home and take into your classroom!

Here comes the first make-and-take game of the school year:


You'll need several long pieces and several short ones.

On each Lego piece, you will write a letter.  Use the long pieces for letter that go above or below the staff.  Use the short pieces for letters that do not.  You'll notice, I put a piece of scotch tape over the Lego piece so that I didn't have to write directly on the Lego pieces.  That way, if I want to use the Lego pieces for something else (like this make-and-take game), all I have to do is peel off the tape and I have a clean Lego piece again.

And that's it, students can create different words by connecting the letters together.  You can have them practicing their spelling words, or any other vocabulary words.  Create several Legos with each letter and allow students to use these Legos at a word-work center to create as many words as they can.

Pretty simple - right?

Have a fantastic Monday!


Sunday Save-Day {More and Less}


Is it Sunday night already?  Yikes!

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was pretty relaxing here on our end:


{everyone nappin' but mama - pretty standard :)}


We had a wonderful night out with our friends last night.

Dinner and drinks at the beach!  Always nice to have a adult-only night :)

We came home to a happy sleeping baby - and life was good.

Here's your Sunday Save-Day freebie!  Hope you enjoy!


It's an easy and quick whole-class game that you can play at the beginning or end of your math time.  It's a great way to develop number sense.

Laminate and post the above mat on a bulletin board where everyone can see.

Use the number cards below:


{There are a total of 24}.

You will tape one card in the middle of the mat and the students help you determine 10 less, 10 more, 1 less, 1 more than the number in the middle.  If you laminate the mat, you can write the numbers in the boxes with vis-a-vis pens and start fresh each day.

Like this:


This activity is great for the beginning of the year as your are getting kids to think about numbers again!

You might even have students record the answers in a math notebook on their own first as a morning warm-up activity and then go over it as a whole class.  Download the game at the bottom of the post!

Hope it finds its way into your classroom :)

Have a great start to the week!



Download this file (more-less.pdf)More or Less[ ]1270 kB

8/22 :: Friday Favorites

Let's all do our Friday dance, shall we :)

Hope you all had a great week!  Here are some favorite things of mine that I cam across this week:


This sweet video about a teacher retiring after 41 years


This fabulous article from Erica Bohrer about trouble shooting on TpT downloads.  If you've ever downloaded items on TpT and have had issues printing or view - PLEASE read!  Most of the time it is NOT because of the issue itself, but from the way you are trying to open the product!


15 things We Did at school that future students will never understand - At least from my generation (My favorites  are 4 and 15 :) )


This fun idea for sentence writing - perfect for the beginning of the year.  These are the coolest dice I've seen - my brain is spinning with ideas of how you could use them.


And - this one might be my favorite - I basically laughed hysterically at the "what's a folder with prongs?" part -ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  (Don't forget to check in with this post to see how you can win a fall-themed resource - just by making a comment in the blog!)

I'll check back in with your on Sunday for the Sunday Save-Day freebie!

{Did you miss the first freebie of the year?  Grab it here!}


Just couldn't help myself...

Ok - so, have you all seen the Tim Horton's commercial about it being "pumpkin season?"

At first I was like - "pumpkin season???  say whattt? It's only August!"

But now I'm like - hmmm...I could totally go for a pumpkin latte :)

I love me some summer time - but fall is my favorite season, so I may or may not have caved and went through the Tim Horton's drive-thru on my way home for the Y today - oops.  Clara made me do it :)

Anyways - It got me thinking about all the pumpkin and fall-themed resources that I have and I thought that maybe some of your are like me and have already started thinking about fall and pumpkins, too.  I mean, after all, some of your are already back in school anyways, so technically it is "fall" for you guys, right?  Sure.

So here are a few fall-themed games and centers that you may want to tuck away until September or October - but it's never too early to start ::thinking:: about fall - even if you refuse to cave in and get a pumpkin latte until it is actually fall.





What's your favorite fall/pumpkin themed activity to do with your students?

Leave a comment and I'll choose one random commenter to pick any of the above fall/pumpkin themed resources to keep :)

PS - Random confession - I made s'more last night over my gas stove-top.

::hashtag shameful:::


Have a great Thursday!


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