Monday "Make and Take" - Kleenex Box Sorting

Welcome to today's Monday Make and Take!  Next week will be the last "make and take" until school picks back up in the fall (mid Aug for most).

I really like this week's make and take.  I saw the idea on pinterest (of course), and then tweeked it to make it my own.  Hope you can find it useful in your classroom.


(just a side note - I didn't have any kleenex boxes in my house, so I bought one and took all the kleenex out so that I could use it to make this game - classic teacher move...haha.  I did however have TONS of library pockets that I used on the side of the boxes tucked away in my teacher stuff in the basement...haha..)

I made my game for types of sentences - choose what type of sorting game you need and write those categories on each pocket.

Tip:  Laminate the pockets before writing on them and then use a Vis-a-Vis pens to write your categories on.  When your ready to switch up the categories, simply wipe the words away and create a new sorting game.  Use this box all year long for center games!


For my game, I wrote several examples of each kind of sentence, leaving out the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.


Students pull out each card from the box, read it, and then sort each card into the correct pocket.  

For example, a student would read the sentence "I couldn't believe what I saw" and choose the "exclamatory" pocket.  

If you want to take this game a step further, have students write down their sorting choices on a recording sheet.  In my case, I would have my students write the sentences from each card and include the correct punctuation for each kind of sentence.

I can see so many uses for this game - what are your ideas?  How could you use this is your classroom?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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