Johnny Appleseed Complete and Incomplete Sentence Sorting

This weekend I went apple picking with my hubby and we made apple crisp!  (I may or may not have eaten half of it last night - oops) Fall is my absolute favorite season!  How about you?

It also happens to be at the beginning of the school year - so there are so many ways to put the two together!  The beginning of the year is when teachers are trying to gather foundational information about their students' reading and writing skills, as this will dictate the lessons and skills teachers will need to reinforce.

I found that many of my students, even in 4th grade, came in to my class not writing with complete sentences.  AHHH! This drove me BONKERS!  So, I've created a cute fall- themed - "Johnny Appleseed Sentence Sorting Game" that has students determine whether a sentence is complete or incomplete.  Use this game in a center after your lesson on how to decide if a sentence is complete or not complete!   Enjoy!


Click here to snag it at Teacher's Pay Teachers or here to get it at Teacher's Notebook!

Happy Fall!


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